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01 November 2021

Sweet cake, sweet love

Recently I had a special visit to our wedding palace. My friend Peggy van Taartendroom came by with the most delicious cakes I've ever tasted. We naturally end up in a friendly conversation about tastes, styles, and running a successful wedding business. 

Whenever Peggy comes in, I have to smile. First of all, of course, because we always have a great time, but also because she always brings something sweet from her kitchen. This time it was three flavors that I had to try, she said. Peggy knows I especially like fruit flavors, and she enjoyed it once again. The first taste she served me was a delicious cupcake with lemon cream, meringue, and a forest fruit filling. Now I quickly found lemon predominant, but this cupcake was delicious. “That's because I only use a touch of these flavors in my cakes,” Peggy said. “Then you will taste the lemon, but it will still be tasty for everyone.”

Blog cake
Blog cake


I immediately saw an agreement with my own company. Very often, brides-to-be go for one statement element in a dress. A veil, but no striking extravagant sleeves, for example. Or a lot of glitters, but then a standard silhouette. Too much of everything feels like you don't make a choice; that's the case in the wedding dress world ande wedding cake world.

That's why I was shocked when Peggy served me the second flavor: chocolate and brownie… For a wedding cake! Not the most popular flavor, she quickly told me, but you should have something for everyone in your collection. The third flavor Peggy showed me was exactly what I imagined on a wedding cake: champagne raspberries. Oh, heavenly delicious. You taste the happiness in that.

Peggy and I can talk for hours about flavors and looks. From a naked cake where you can still see the biscuit through the cream layer to a traditional fondant cake with sugar flowers… I'm amazed at how many options there are. Sometimes I scroll through the photos on the Taartendroom Instagram page for minutes to dream away with all those delicious cakes. Fortunately, Peggy confided in me that she does the same with the wedding dresses on our website, haha!

Lots of love,

Ramona handtekening