Ramona Koonings

Ramona Koonings

Born entrepreneur

Ramona Koonings is a Brabant wedding dress designer, entrepreneur, TV personality, industry leader, and natural family person. When Ramona started working as a coffee girl at 14 in the bridal shop of Mr. and Mrs. Koonings, it was soon apparent that she was brimming with ambition. She was naturally taken along in entrepreneurship and the bridal fashion world. When Mr. and Mrs. Koonings decided to sell the business, they entrusted it to only one person: the then-17-year-old Ramona. With her mother, Ineke, she seized this opportunity with both hands.

If you can dream it, you can do it

In the years that followed, Ramona grew her business more and more. She developed from coffee girl to stylist to designer. One after the other bridal fashion collection was introduced, and Koonings arose in several locations. Ramona's ultimate dream? Creating an ultimate wedding experience under one roof. Creating a unique place where reality stops and you can dream away as far as your imagination can take you. Ramona masterfully turned her dream into reality. This reality is her gift to all bridal couples, their families, and their friends. With her philosophy 'If you can dream it, you can do it', Ramona surprised the world in 2018 with a stunning wedding palace of 11,000 m2, in which an immense, fairytale-like shopping experience takes place. Ramona is proud to call herself the owner of the largest bridal fashion store in the world. Every day unknown and well-known brides from home and abroad find their way to Koonings The Wedding Palace.

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Ramona Koonings Couture

Koonings The Wedding Palace reflects Ramona's unprecedented decisiveness and entrepreneurial ability. To let her passion for bridal fashion speak even more, she designs her own bridal collection every year, ‘Ramona Koonings Couture’ which is available exclusively at House of Bridal, a unique salon within Koonings The Wedding Palace. Ramona Koonings Couture is the result of Ramona's years of knowledge and experience in combination with the latest trends, brought together in one unique collection. Especially for the bride who wants to be seen and who wants to be the radiant center of her wedding day. Each dress is a unique design; a statement piece with an authentic couture look and feel, designed by Ramona himself. Ramona has developed into the leading bridal fashion designer in the Netherlands thanks to her collection. In addition to all her activities as an entrepreneur and designer, Ramona Koonings hosts the popular TLC program Say Yes To The Dress Benelux.

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Say Yes to the Dress

Ramona Koonings has been the regular face of the popular TLC program for seven seasons of Say Yes to the Dress that will be included at Koonings. And every season, it is more significant than ever before! We get an exclusive look at what's happening in the world's largest bridal fashion store. In addition to Ramona, the brides are assisted by experienced Kooning's stylists and presenter Fred van Leer.

Koonings Say Yes to the Dress Benelux
Koonings Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight

Several couples embark on the Married At First Sight experiment of their lives by getting married without ever seeing each other. In doing so, they place their love fate entirely in science. The unique process starts for the brides with choosing the wedding dress, and Koonings is the first stop of this most fantastic adventure. Ramona Koonings helps the brides find the dress that will make them appear at the altar.

Ramona Koonings
Ramona Koonings Bruid
Ramona Koonings Bruid

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