Koonings on TV

For years we have been proud hosts of various TV programs that are faithfully related. With, of course, the crown on our work: Married At First Sight and Say Yes to the Dress.

Say Yes To The Dress

Say yes to the dress

Koonings the wedding palace has been the home of the TLC program "Say yes to the dress" since season 1. In SYTTD, brides-to-be search for the wedding dress of their dreams together with Fred van Leer, Ramona Koonings, and our stylists. Each bride with her own story, wishes, and challenges.

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Married at first sight

Several couples embark on the experiment of their lives by marrying each other without ever seeing each other. The pair are matched by a team of experts based on science and put the love destiny entirely in someone else's hands. The unique process starts for the brides with choosing the wedding dress, and Koonings is the first stop of this most excellent adventure

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