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01 November 2022

The two weeks before your big day

In my wedding palace, your wedding dress is handled with great care. After selecting your dream dress, it is carefully placed in a garment bag and hung away correctly. If our studio still needs to change something, they do so with excellent care. But as soon as you pick up the dress, we'll hand over this masterpiece. I would like to explain to you in this blog how you ensure that your dress is wrinkle-free in the last two weeks before your wedding.

That concern starts the moment one of my stylists hands you the dress. With one hand, you hold the dress (of course, in a garment bag) on ​​the hanger; the other arm supports the dress so that the cover does not touch the floor. In the car, we recommend that you free the back seat and lay the dress down over the entire length. A crease is easily made, even if it is only a tiny piece.

Blog 2 weken
Blog 2 weken

Once at home, it is best to look for a room where the sun does not shine directly inside. Strong sunlight can cause a color change. Hang the hanger, open the garment bag (very carefully, make sure that the dress's fabric does not get caught between the zipper) and remove the bottom of your dress from the bag. The rest of the dress may remain in the garment bag. We call that hanging out. You protect the dress against external things, but the skirt still has enough space not to wrinkle. Your dress hangs from the hanging loops that are attached to the armpits of your dress. We do this on purpose because this way, the weight of your dress does not hang on the shoulder straps, and they cannot stretch unintentionally.


On your big day, carefully cut the hanging loops out of your dress. If you keep them, you can sew them back into your dress later, but these loops will only get in the way on your wedding day. Make sure your witness or master of ceremonies has a sewing kit so minor problems with your dress can also be solved on the day itself.

By the way, don't panic; my experienced stylists will give you a crash course on 'How I take care of my dress' during your pick-up appointment so that you can look forward to your big day with peace of mind.

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