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01 September 2021

New bridal collection 2022

It still seems so far away, but within the walls of Koonings the Wedding Palace, we are already working on the new 2022 bridal collection. A collection that emphasizes a bright future in which we can get married again as we want. And that should be seen. Whether you opt for a minimalist look, want to go the extra mile, or prefer an outfit that mixes these two styles. The new 2022 bridal collection offers the best options for every bride.

Of course, we would like to tell you what we have seen within these collections and what you can expect in our bridal palace.


The split is also a specific detail in wedding dresses in the new season, from a subtle split in the front to a "thigh-high" split for that little bit of extra drama. Such a high split gives extra length to your beautiful legs.


We already saw it with several bridal designers last season, but in the 2022 collection, we see even more wedding dresses with sleeves. From beautiful large puff sleeves to elegant lace off-shoulder sleeves. The short sleeve is also a variant that we see more and more. Ideal for the warm weather, but you still want coverage off your shoulders. A striking detail is that the sleeves are often loose or detachable from the dress.

Special back panel

The back of the wedding dress is getting more and more attention. The back can be seen whether it is low-cut or covered in beautiful lace and glitter!

Deep v-neckline

We see a beautiful sweetheart neckline or V-neck every year in the new bridal collections. This year the focus is on the deep cleavage. We often see these in the version with seethrough tulle, for that little bit of extra coverage, without losing the power of the deep “V.”

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Floral print

Flowers. Often an essential part of the wedding and now also a frequently seen pattern in wedding dresses. 3D flowers and a beautiful floral print are processed in beautiful delicate lace. Also, floral print is incorporated in veils.

Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Dresses that consist of two parts. We see it more and more. The dress consists of two parts and is also a welcome guest in the new 2022 collection. This concerns a dress that, for example, consists of a loose (cropped) top and a skirt, but also, for example, a beautiful close-fitting dress with a detachable, loose full skirt. That way, you can create two looks with just one dress.

Crepe wedding dress 

In addition to pronounced and striking dresses with beautiful backs and sleeves, we also see many minimalist dresses. They often consist of crepe. The simplicity and quality of the fabric make the dress -  and of course, the bride who shines in it. We also see dresses combining crepe, lace, or tulle in the new collections.

Statement veils and capes

A trend that comes and goes and is fully present in the new 2022 collection. Of course, capes and veils fall under accessories, but they are becoming such a part of the wedding dress these days that we also want to mention them here. Statement capes and veils give the wedding dress an extra finishing touch, often during the ceremony. In addition, capes are also perfect for covering shoulders or giving a wedding dress that little bit more personality. And whether you make a statement with these beautiful items!

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