In addition to our 'one-stop-for-all' in fashion, you will also find our beauty salon under the roof of our palace, where all aspects of beauty are present. This salon offers a wide and specialized range of non-surgical treatments for body, face and skin, make-up and hair styling. In short for women and men who want to show the better version of themselves ..


Within the Koonings palace walls, Ineke's team is available every day for anyone with a large or small appetite. And of course all cakes and dishes are homemade. This cosy pink oasis is named after Ineke, Ramona's mother. She has been assisting Ramona from the beginning and is still an invaluable asset to the studio and actually a mother to the entire Koonings team. It goes without saying that every tour starts and ends in Ineke's Restaurant on the first floor. On this floor we first take you to our VIP lounge, our goodies shop 'Crew I Do' and our own fully equipped home theatre where fashion shows and other events are regularly organized. This room can also be rented, if desired in combination with the facilities of Ineke's Restaurant. Of course, this tour is hosted by someone from the Koonings team and, if available on the day of your visit, by owner Ramona Koonings herself. Do you want to know how she built this empire from the age of 17 and from her own personal vision? Questions during or after the tour are free! In any case, we hope you enjoy a unique experience in our palace, is inspired by our enthusiasm and often remembers us with a warm heart and nice photo opportunities. And of course we would like to see you again ... Sign up now by emailing info@koonings.com