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Koonings Bruidsmode Deurne
29 April 2023

Visit Koonings digitally

Have you always been curious about what lies behind those large palace doors? You can now also visit Koonings The Wedding Palace digitally!

It is quite an experience to walk into Koonings The Wedding Palace. An experience that cannot always be captured in photos. We are delighted that Entrada managed to capture the entire case in 3D. The whole store has been given a 360-degree scan, converted into a virtual tour. By clicking through the virtual tour with your mouse, you can walk through The Wedding Palace and view all the rooms from your chair. Click on the buttons in the virtual tour to get more information or to read a blog about the department you are currently in.

This way, you can prepare for your visit to Koonings or look at what can be seen behind our palace doors.

View the virtual tour here.

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