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Blog trouwpakkentrends 2023
06 June 2023

The wedding suit trends of 2023

Are you getting married this year but have no idea what kind of wedding suit you want to stand at the altar in? We show you the wedding suit trends of 2023 in this blog. So you can get some inspiration and see which style suits you. 

Earth tones

Wedding suits come in all colours, of course. If we look at this year's colour trends, we see that earth tones come back a lot. Think green, brown, beige but even rusty brown or red shades. This colour palette makes for a calm look, which means it will suit many men.

Blog trouwpakkentrends 2023
Blog trouwpakkentrends 2023

The vintage look

We still can't ignore it, wedding suits with a vintage look are a trend. Suits with a 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s look and feel remain popular. In part, of course, we owe this to popular series like Peaky Blinders. The vintage look has a cool, sophisticated and charming appeal. The great thing about this trend is that it can be combined with a range of different fabrics, colours, details and accessories. A cap, braces, a stitch, you can go wild with cool accessories to complete the look.

Linen look

A trend we have also been seeing for some time are wedding suits with a linen look. Not surprisingly, because this calm look suits almost everyone. If you are getting married in the summer, a linen wedding suit will immediately create the right atmosphere. If you go for this trend, you can still make it your own. You can go for a three-piece suit including a tie or bow tie, but a casual look also fits this trend perfectly. One thing is for sure: with a linen look you will fit in perfectly with the summer vibes on your wedding day.

Blog trouwpakkentrends 2023
Blog trouwpakkentrends 2023


We're going back to basics with this trend: the traditional wedding suit. Let's face it, everyone looks good in a classic wedding suit. A clean-cut suit in black, navy or grey gives a neat and "sophisticated" look. With a beautiful tie, good cufflinks and matching shoes, you will be a groom who will impress.

Are you ready to start looking for your wedding suit? Our stylists are ready to work with you and your needs. Did your bride-to-be succeed in finding her wedding dress at Koonings? Then we can match your wedding suit perfectly to your bride's look. In this blog you can read all about your first appointment.

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