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01 May 2023

The very best wedding music for your wedding party!

Looking for the perfect wedding music for your wedding party?
We're going to help you with that. Perhaps one of the most important parts of planning, the wedding music during your wedding party. Music can bring out emotions; music can tell your personal story, or perhaps that of your loved ones.

We are all familiar with the song we first shuffled to. Moreover, assess whether the music played during the ceremony fits the theme and, of course, during the ceremony.It is important to sit together and think about whether you have any special songs together. For example, was there a special song played when your partner proposed? Did your parents play a beautiful song during their wedding? Music brings out emotions. Music can tell your personal story, or perhaps that of your loved ones.

Music can contribute to this and also provides moments of calm in the ceremony between the official part. We all remember Queen Maxima's tears. Carel Kraayenhof played 'Adiós Nonino' when her father could not attend the wedding. The trembling lip, the look at Willem Alexander and, of course, the tears. This is what music does!

In a legal ceremony, there are usually 3-5 songs possible at the municipality. These moments are often entry, after wedding ceremony/kissing, during deed signing and a closing song.

During a church ceremony, around 6 to 8 songs are sung on average at the following moments: entry, interlude, lighting the wedding candle, preparing the table, communion, Ave Maria and closing song.

When you want to organise an unforgettable party, a live band is of course the obvious option! Live music ensures that your guests can dance to their heart's content, and a band naturally responds to the wishes of you and your audience. Will the old bangers from the 80s come back to life? If so, they will spin a little more to make the party a success!

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The Ceremony

The ceremony is the moment at your wedding that you carry with you the longest. The moment you walk down the aisle, the moment you say "yes" and the moment you finally leave the ceremony as husband and wife are all moments you will never forget. The music you choose for this is therefore an important part. Below, we have listed some of our favourites.

Ceremony playlist


Entrance to the party

As you enter the party, you can immediately set the mood. Do you go for a romantic mood, a jazzy sound or can the roof go right off? And how do you create that festive mood right away? One thing is for sure, happy and danceable music is always good and we have some examples for you. 

Entrance playlist


Opening dance

The opening dance is the first moment you dance as a married couple. This is a super romantic moment between you and your partner and you often see this reflected in the choice of music for this moment. Here we have listed the perfect songs for this special dance.

Opening dance playlist


The party

This is the time to let loose. All your guests and, of course, the bride and groom gather on the dance floor to celebrate your love together. The snacks and drinks are brought round and the Dutch hits should not be missing for that real togetherness and party feeling. Therefore, we have made a list of songs you don't want to miss at your wedding party.

 Party playlist


The last song

This is the conclusion of this beautiful day. The last moment before you leave for the wedding night. You can end this with a real hit or a quiet song. These are some examples for inspiration.  

We hope you got inspiration for your ultimate choice of music.  We have created a playlist on Spotify to give you a hand with the first steps towards a music list that suits you.

The last song playlist

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