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Haartrends 2021
01 November 2021

The hairtrends of 2021

70's & 80's hair

70s & 80s hair, we love it! You see it everywhere, all trends mentioned in this blog are inspired by this era. What you see a lot of now are chunky waves. The full fringes, the middle parting and the curtain bangs that go with it are also part of the 70s and 80s image.  Of course, what you cannot forget are the bob and shaggy hair!

The Curtain bang is a real comeback and stays the trend in 2021!

Celebrities and BNérs have been rocking this look across the red carpet, on television and social media for some time now.  The curtain bang is ideal for degende who want something different but are afraid to go completely 'out of the box'.

Curtain bangs are fringes that are cut in layers so that the fringes fall along your face like a curtain. It is a subtle and playful change that allows you to add a bit more slack and whimsy to your face. It can give sleek hair a real boost by creating more volume and can nicely accentuate the shape of the head. Fun highlights in the tufts add another touch.

Shaggy hair

The shag haircut is a well-known hairstyle that was especially popular in the 70s and 80s. This robust hair style from the flower power era gives you a new and cool look. This is mainly due to the layers, protruding tips and volume that characterise this style. So if you don't have much time in the morning, or want to take care of your hair then this 'i just got ou of bed look' is super suitable for you! It also doesn't matter if you have thick, thin, curly or straight hair, as this hairstyle is accessible to all hair types. In any case, we are fans of it!

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Haircolour trends 2021

Meanwhile, the hairdressers have been closed for a while, so currently we are very much looking forward to the next appointments. Are you planning to get your hair coloured? Then brace yourself for the necessary dose of inspiration, because below are the hair colour trends of 2021.

When we look at the trends for 2021, two things stand out. On the one hand, you have a lot of natural colours that require low maintenance. Over the past year, as everyone knows, many hairdressing appointments have fallen through and therefore many people are opting for a more natural hair colour.

And then you have the opposite, in recent months people also experimented a lot with their hair colour because they had to do everything themselves. Thus, some brighter and more striking shades are also doing well.

Below is a list of this year's trends!

Butter blonde and ice blonde

For blondes, 2021 will be a banner year as they have a choice of hair colours, and butter blonde is already one of them. This soft blonde colour suits almost everyone and is relatively easy to keep up. During summer, you can always get some highlights for a slightly brighter effect.

The lighter the better? Then we have good news, because ice blonde is a real trend that is sure to stay this year. Great for people who already have naturally blonde hair. This gives you a very nice overflow, because at the bottom the hair may be lighter. Tip: Be sure to use a silver shampoo regularly to prevent the hair from taking on a yellow glow.

Striking hightlights and balayage 2.0

In the 1990s, striking highlights were already very popular and in 2021, this trend is making a real comeback. The more daring choose shades that contrast with each other, but even if you want to stay closer to your own hair colour, you can definitely give this trend a try.

Another great thing about this trend is balayage 2.0. This trend involves colouring the roots of your hair slightly darker, or if your hair is already quite dark you can just keep your own hair colour. Combine the darker roots with lighter highlights for extra contrast. Caramel shades also work well here. This technique gives your cut more depth and dimension, making your hair stand out beautifully.

Copper and warm blonde

Are you a redhead or have you always wanted to try red hair? Then copper shades are totally made for you. In this, of course, you can also combine different shades, from dark to light. Working with a balayage and/or haighlights is also a great option. It is also easy to maintain. In fact, it requires less maintenance than a cool blonde, or dark red colour.

Pastel shades

More striking shades are in and we owe this mainly to the lockdown. Many people experimented a lot with different pastel shades at home and we will see these a lot next year. Especially soft shades like pale pink or purple are doing well. The only downside is that brightly coloured shades tend to fade quickly so that is why we always recommend bringing a personalised colour conditioner for at home. We use FAB PRO from EVO for this, with this we can make up any colours you want for yourself.


The moneypiece is a trend we love! This trend involves lightening the contours of the hair around your face. The money piece comes from the 1990s when chunky highlights were a big trend. The effect is easy to see because it frames your face, so to speak. Besides, this trend suits almost everyone because you can decide how intense you would like the result.

But you can also apply this trend very naturally, for example in combination with highlights or a balayage. This gives you a sunkissed effect. For the really daring, you can also choose to add a bright or pastel shade, giving it another dimension.

Coffee and cappuccino shades

For the ladies who like to keep their hair a bit darker, coffee and cappuccino shades are very nice! You can choose to make it an even colour, for example dark brown towards black, like coffee. Or to give it an extra touch you can add a nice cappuccino shade, for example as a money piece or highlights. In any case, we love this colour as it goes with a lot of skin tones!