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09 June 2021

The benefits of getting married in 2021


Do you want to get married in 2021? We list some of the benefits for you in this blog.   

Unfortunately, we too do not have a crystal ball and cannot predict what the wedding season will look like in 2021. But positive as we are, we are assuming a good scenario and couples in love can get married in 2021 in the company of the people they love.

Trouw jij, omdat je écht de liefde met elkaar wilt vieren, dan is trouwen in 2021 het echte “picture perfect” voor jou, want:

Your favourite venue is probably available. Although we see many advantages to getting married in 2021, there will also be plenty of couples who do not dare to take this step after all, or postpone their wedding. If you are going to celebrate love in 2021, there is a good chance that your favourite venue will be available. Maybe it has been cancelled or on your wedding day it will be completely free.

The same goes for your favourite photographer or videographer. With so many postponed weddings, your favourite photographer probably still has a slot in his or her calendar!

If you are getting married in 2021, you have probably already picked your dream dress! In case you haven't yet, now is your chance. We are pampering our brides in this crazy period during, for example, our Royal Shopping Days. We have also transformed some of our shop-in-shops into extra large fitting rooms, so that you and your entourage can safely enjoy picking out your dream dress without losing that real Koonings experience!

Speaking of that wedding dress; when you get married in 2021, there's a good chance you'll celebrate your wedding twice. You might get married in a small party first, or just for the law, for example, and get married later with a larger party. So then you can just wear your wedding dress twice! Enjoy that beautiful dress twice.

Did your dress get dirty the first time you wore it, or did it gain or lose a few pounds in the meantime? No worries! Koonings also wants the bride to shine like never before the second time she wears it. That's why we can clean and alter your dress at a reasonable price, so that your dream dress will fit your body again. Ask your stylist about the possibilities or ask your questions by phone on 0493 313 220.

Blog voordelentrouwen

The nice thing about getting married in different times than we are used to is that we get more creative. For weddings, this naturally applies too. It also makes weddings more unique and personal.

Do you secretly not like a big party at all? Then getting married in 2021 is the perfect opportunity for you not to either. For example, organise an elaborate lunch for a select company after the ceremony. This way, you create real quality time with your loved ones as well as quality time with your partner, because after lunch you can spend some time together. Perhaps you go on honeymoon or cocoon at home as newly weds, with a luxurious intimate dinner, or with pizza and wedding cake in bed while enjoying your favourite film.

Maybe you are fed up with not being able to organise a big party and don't want your guests to go home in the afternoon. Then opt for a very elaborate dinner, for example. This way, you will be in each other's company for a long time and you can enjoy a long after-dinner chat - and let's face it, the best stories and memories are made during the after-dinner chat.

Would you prefer more guests at your wedding than allowed? Then make it a wedding weekend! For example, from Friday to Sunday. On Friday, you marry "for real" in front of your closest guests and celebrate the rest of the day your way. The next day, you can have another small ceremony in front of another party and celebrate love with this party. The day after, you do the same again with yet another company. Sidenote: Now you can wear your wedding dress for three days! Happy Days!

Surprise your guests who cannot attend or do you decide not to organise a party but want to involve those around you in your wedding? Then create a wedding box. Instead of wedding cake, choose wedding cupcakes and send them to your "guests". Include a small bottle of champagne and, for example, delicious appetisers. This way, everyone will still be there a bit on your big day.

Getting married in 2021 also has financial advantages and quality over quantity. Because you may not be able to throw as big a party as you would have liked, you save on costs. That way, there might be more budget for that one elaborate dinner, or you might have that little extra for your dream dress. We make picking out your dream dress a party and are happy to help!