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Koonings Say Yes to the Dress Seizoen 7
08 November 2022

Say Yes To The Dress

"New beginnings"

Fred helps three brides in this episode, together with our stylists Romy and Francoise, whose wedding marks a new phase in their lives. Miranda, Christa, and Lotte all have a unique story and go in search of a wedding dress that lives up to their "New beginning."


Miranda has agreed on one thing with herself: "I will get married one more time, and after that, I will never do it again." Miranda has been married before. If there is anyone who can advise her in finding her dream dress, it is Fred & Romy. Miranda is going to marry her great love Rob, with whom she enters a "second new beginning." Miranda and Rob already dated when they were 16 and found each other years later. Miranda tied the knot for the first time in a green dress. This time she likes to marry in white and especially enjoys a bohemian style. Miranda also immediately thinks she wants to try on a pantsuit. Something Fred doesn't quite agree with. Fortunately, Miranda is also open to trying on dresses. In between, she makes a short trip to a trouser suit but quickly concludes that that is not what she wants. After a turbulent search, Miranda returns to love the first dress she tried on. Finally, she said "Yes" to a beautiful White One dress. The wedding dress has a lace bodice with a charming boat neck. The beautiful lace on the bodice combines beautifully with the flowing skirt (with split!) and gives the "boho feel" that Miranda was so looking for.


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Lotte has had a rough period. She suffered a brain injury a year ago and is still recovering. Her wedding is a new beginning for Lotte. She says, "I want to celebrate with the wedding that I'm still here and that I got off so well. We can start over with our family because I'm not who I was before my brain injury." Her fiancé Robin and her children are her mainstays. Just like her entourage, who proudly say that watching Say Yes To The Dress has been a massive motivation for Lotte during her rehabilitation. Fred and Romy help Lotte find the dream dress she deserves. The first dress Lotte puts on is not a success. She wants him out right away. When she puts on the second dress, Lotte immediately feels better. After some critical comments from her entourage and after trying on another dress, Lotte comes back to the second dress. Stylist Romy uses some more of her magic and pins some extra lace on the straps, after which it is clear to Lotte. This is her dress! Lotte said "Yes" to a beautiful dress by Enzoani. The dress has a beautiful lace bodice, a deep V neckline, and customized straps. And especially for Lotte, there will also be a split in the skirt. Lotte dreamed of this dress, and her entourage saw how she radiates in it!

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Christa experienced her first marriage 12 years ago, but this marriage with her great love, Colin feels like a new beginning. Christa knows well what kind of dress she is looking for. She would like a dress with a split and does not want too much "fuss" about her wedding dress. In short: something completely different from the large dress with a collar and black application that she wore during her first marriage. Stylist Francoise and Fred go in search of the perfect dress for Christa. It is not the first dress she tries on and is therefore not shown to her entourage. The second dress is a bit better, but her entourage thought that Christa could use some extra "Vavavoom" in her dress. The water taps open when Christa puts on a particular dress from Modeca. The entire entourage is in tears, but at the same time, not easy to catch. Because everyone still thinks it can be done better. After trying on another dress, they still return to the second one. Christa fits it again, and then it goes with her days, too; this is her wedding dress! Christa said "Yes" to a beautiful wedding dress from Modeca. The dress has a sexy slit in the skirt, beautiful applications in the bodice, and capes on the shoulders that complete the look.



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Say Yes To The Dress airs every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on TLC.

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