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01 November 2018

Outfit wedding guests - Mother of the bride

Dear bride,

You have organised your wedding perfectly down to the last detail. The theme you have chosen is down to the last detail, how beautiful it is going to look.

Have you also thought about the bridal attire of your guests? You obviously don't want Auntie Nel to show up in her fuchsia pink suit, while the theme of your wedding is earth tones. Don't get us wrong, everyone can wear what they want at your wedding, but secretly you think it's important that everything matches perfectly in your wedding photos, including Aunt Nel's outfit.

Luckily, Koonings has a wide range of clothing for the wedding party and we can work with you to make sure everyone is beautifully matched.

Mother of the bride or groom

Of course you will be the radiant centre of the big day, but your parents will also be in the spotlight. And secretly, it's nice to know that your parents will be looking tiptop and that your family photos will be picture perfect.

At Koonings, we have an entire department dedicated to the mother of the bride. The outfits range from classic suits to trendy skirts, as well as modern dresses. So you and your mother can pick the perfect outfit in which she feels comfortable and you feel proud.

Bohemian, vintage & split

With these trends, we have modern outfits for the mother of the bride. How about a nice jumpsuit, a leather jacket or and floral dress? The possibilities are endless.

Prinsess & glitter tulle

The classic suits, for example, fit these trends very well; we have them in different colours and types, so there is always something for your mother. Or maybe your mother will parade alongside you in a chic dress and pretty pumps in your princess dress with glitter tulle. You name it, we have it.

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