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01 November 2019

My very first own collection

I was only seventeen when I got the chance to take over Bridal shop Koonings. Super exciting, but I grabbed the challenge with both hands. And taking over the business also brought another big dream of mine a little closer: designing my own collection!

Blog own collection

The first dress I designed all by myself contained countless glitter, pearls and sequins. I was over the moon with the dress, but was especially curious to see what future brides would think of it. I wanted to create something unique and a statement dress for every bride. Fortunately, I did not have to be unsure for long: immediately after the launch of my first own collection, all brides were super enthusiastic. From the moment the dresses hung in our wedding palace, many mouths fell open.

It is a challenge to design dresses every year that today's brides love to wear. I have years of experience and knowledge in the field of wedding dresses and therefore know very well what brides like. But styles and trends change rapidly, so I have to keep challenging myself to hit the mark every time. That also makes designing extra fun. And occasionally I am the one who sets a trend. I do that by colouring a bit outside the lines. What other collections lack, you find in my own collection. Do you know Kim Kötter's wedding dress, for example? The glitter stars you see on her dress were not yet known as a fabric for wedding dresses when she was asked to marry her great love Jaap Reesema. However, I was looking for something special and eye-catching. Kim was also overjoyed when I showed her the star motif design. And now, in the current collection, I have also designed a few dresses with that beautiful star fabric. The many different details make each dress unique. Who knows, maybe the star motif will return in my upcoming collection, as it too is getting closer and closer. And the launch of such a new collection remains just as exciting every time as that first one, you understand.

I'll get back to creating new things soon. I'll keep you posted!

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