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01 November 2021

MAFS bride Kim found two things with us

Married At First Sight, bride Kim walked into our wedding palace with a big smile. You don't just drive this girl crazy. It is up to Romy to make her crazy about her dream dress. Fortunately, Kim wanted to try on everything to see what she liked and didn't like.


Kim tried on different wedding dresses, from A-line to fitted and strapless to sleeveless. Little by little, she realized what she was looking for in her dream dress. In the end, she found a beautiful ivory-colored mermaid dress from Ladybird with Romy, which made her heart beat faster.

But… this dress didn't have the off-shoulder sleeves that Kim wanted so much. Fortunately, Romy immediately came up with a solution. She quickly made sleeves from a few pieces of lace on Kim's dress. Later, in our studio, real off-the-shoulder sleeves made of the same fabric as the dress were added. But Kim was still not completely satisfied with her bridal look. She lacked a bit of glamour. Well, we can take care of that! We quickly applied an extra layer of glitter tulle to the skirt. As a result, you see thousands of glitters light up with every step Kim takes in her Ladybird wedding dress.



Breathtaking. Many Ladybird dresses in the current collection already have that glittery tulle in the skirt as standard, so if you like glitter like Kim, you know which wedding dress brand to look at.

Still clad in the wedding dress of her dreams and cheeks wet from happy tears, Kim was presented with a present from her unknown betrothed. A tent in which he hopes to sleep with her at the next edition of Paaspop. So romantic! Romy and I hope that this fairy tale will become a reality for sweet Kim and that the great unknown suits her very well.

Have you fallen in love with Kim's dress? Ladybird has beautiful dresses in this style in our wedding palace. Just search our website for #4253 or #32496.

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