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01 November 2021

How to choose the perfect wedding shoes

Wedding season is just around the corner, your dress is picked, and you can't wait to walk down the aisle finally. But… in which shoes?

Koonings answers your question with an extensive wedding shoe collection with items you can enjoy entirely after your wedding.

The bridal shoe you will wear on your big day depends on many factors. It is, of course, essential that your shoe matches the look and feel of your dress, but comfort is also necessary. There is a high probability that you will wear this shoe all day or for a large part of the day. The location of your wedding is also a factor on which you base your choice of wedding shoes. Of course, wearing your killer heels over a sandy beach is not the most elegant.

But how do you choose the right wedding shoe? We will help you on your way.

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Nowadays, a wedding shoe certainly doesn't have to be a decent ivory-colored shoe with a heel that can't call itself a heel. In terms of wedding shoes, everything is allowed these days, so you can completely adjust your wedding shoes to your look, but more importantly, you can now go for a shoe that fits you perfectly.

If you have a closet full of sneakers, you're not so quick to opt for a natural high heel before your big day. You could wear these at the start of your wedding and, halfway through the day, switch to a piece you can dance to all evening.

In addition, different heel heights are available. The most popular heel height is 8-12 cm. This is an excellent heel height to show elegance and comfort. With this heel height, you are often not (much) taller than your partner, which is also something that many brides want to consider.

Are you nervous about walking around in heels all day? Then keep about the length of your little finger for the heel height. With this heel height, the foot not only balances on the ball of your foot but your weight is also distributed to the heel of your foot.

The most important thing is that your shoe is comfortable and makes you happy. The Shoestories by Elsa wedding shoes, sold at Koonings, are also provided with subtle cushions for extra wearing and dancing comfort.

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Blog schoenen
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In addition to the fact that your wedding shoes must radiate your personality, it is also "important" that your shoes match your outfit and the style and location of your wedding. Especially when wearing a wedding dress with a split, your shoes will be visible. In such a case, you can put extra emphasis on your shoes and go for a statement piece so that the shoe becomes part of your outfit. This is always possible, but in such a case, your shoe is more visible.

Location and style are also a factor when choosing your wedding shoes. For example, you prefer to get married in a flat shoes on the beach and ensure a nice block heel when you get married in that romantic castle in Tuscany. Is there a particular color in the theme of your wedding? So why not shoes in that color?



For various reasons, you prefer to buy your wedding shoes as early as possible.

You want your shoes to match your dress, both in color and style, but the heel height is also critical when making your dress to length. While selecting your dream dress, we at Koonings have various fitting shoes, which you can use to get a good idea of ​​your desired heel height. If you are coming to try on the dress for the second time, we will gladly take you to our specially equipped shoe department, where you can take your favorite pair with you after you've had a good look. This way, you can immediately see whether the shoes you have in mind match the rest of your look.

Don't wait until your wedding day to wear your shoes. Try putting them on now and then to break them in. Your shoes will fit like slippers on the big day. We wouldn't recommend wearing them for a good walk in the woods, but running the vacuum cleaner through the house or having a lovely evening at home with friends, during which you occasionally walk to the kitchen, are excellent options.

Shoestories by Elsa also has satin bridal shoes that you can have after your wedding in any desired color. You can wear your wedding shoes to fun events and parties for several years. Extra nice to know that you are wearing your wedding shoes.

Nice extra:
All shoes we sell at Koonings have a "something blue" in the sole. Do you already have it in your pocket?