Onze nieuwe herenzaak,
jouw ultieme trouwbeleving

Onze herenzaak wordt volledig vernieuwd zodat we jou de meest bijzondere trouwbeleving kunnen bieden tijdens jouw afspraak. Op 1 januari 2024 openen we de deuren van onze nieuwe herenzaak vol met de allernieuwste kostuums en mét een Italiaanse Trattoria waar je samen met jouw entourage kunt genieten van een hapje en een goed glas wijn. Een bijzonder moment in aanloop naar jouw grote dag. 

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Koonings herenzaak Roberts Trattoria

A comprehensive collection of  wedding suits at Koonings

We are happy to welcome you as a groom at Koonings. Our collection of wedding suits consists of modern suits from leading brands, including Immediate Fashion, Wilvorst, and Guglielmo G. With the latter, it is possible to put your own suit in the specially equipped shop-in-shop.

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The perfect match

Did your soon-to-be find her dress at Koonings? Or are you planning a day at Koonings together? How nice! Our stylists can make sure that you and your soon-to-be match perfectly without you already seeing each other's wedding outfits. The stylist is happy to run those extra meters up and down to ensure that you each appear at the altar in your style but match each other.

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Step into the world of wedding suits

Step into Koonings' men's fashion department. You can try undisturbed costumes with your best men in this separate room. We are happy to serve you a drink at the full bar. Find the perfect outfit. Are you going for a modern suit in a trendy color like green or blue? Or for a classic suit with a unique baroque print? The possibilities are endless. In addition, we have our own studio at Koonings, which means we can customize the costume perfectly.

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Koonings bruidegom
Koonings bruidegom
Koonings bruidegom
Koonings bruidegom
Koonings bruidegom

Best men


Blown over from America: the best men. An honorary title was worn by your best friend, brother, or cousin. The best man is comparable to the maid of honor, and there is, therefore, a significant role for this person. A nice suit is undoubtedly in order. Curious about the possibilities? Make an appointment, and we will be happy to help you and your bridal party.

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Koonings herenmode accessoires

Complete your wedding look

Take your wedding suit to the next level by adding beautiful accessories. Our skilled stylist will ensure that your accessories align with your wedding suit. Complete your wedding look with a nice pair of shoes, a shirt, a waistcoat, or a belt. Cufflinks, pocket squares, and even matching underwear cannot be missed in our complete men's department. Are you going for a classic stock tie or a nice bow? The possibilities are endless.

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