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19 June 2023

Getting married in a black dress

Does a traditional ivory-coloured wedding dress not suit you but you want to make an unforgettable impression? A black wedding dress will make you look chic, seductive, fashionable and even a little mysterious. With a black wedding dress, you will show that you are completely yourself on your wedding day and that you dare to go beyond traditions.

Although today we are mostly used to the tradition of getting married in an ivory or white wedding dresswe see in our history that getting married in a black wedding dress was also very common. However, traditions are there to be made by yourself and maybe you do not look at traditions at all when it comes to your wedding. If you never wear white in ordinary life, it is not so crazy not to do the same on your wedding day and go for a special coloured wedding dress. Maybe you just think black looks much better with your skin colour or you have been married in a white wedding dress before and now you want something completely different. There are so many reasons to think of why you might want to buy a black wedding dress. But the main one is that it is simply gorgeous. The fact that the black wedding dress is very fashionable and becoming increasingly accessible is also seen in collections of different bridal fashion brands. Many have cool and modern black wedding dresses in their collections. Curious about more wedding trends? Then check out our other blogs.

Many celebrities also said "I do" in a black wedding dress:

Sarah Jessica Parker

THE fashion queen from Sex and the city chose a stunning black wedding dress with a dramatic train for her wedding to Matthew Broderick in 1997. The whole wedding was unconventional as the 100 guests present at this wedding thought they were going to an ordinary party. There, the couple surprised the guests with a wedding. Sarah looked stunning in her special wedding dress and is still happily married!

Blog zwarte trouwjurk
Blog zwarte trouwjurk

Christine Quinn

Speaking of unconventional, reality star of Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn, is known for her outspoken outfits. She wears the most unusual and over the top clothes in everyday life. Why should her wedding dress be any different? In the reality series, we could see Christine getting married in a stunning black gothic wedding dress with lace and black veil. The wedding was complete in winter, romantic, gothic atmospheres. Including fake snow! Christine, in her extraordinary wedding dress, did not stand out in the extravagant setting but made a smashing impression. Wow, wow, wow!

Tina Turner

Besides being one of the world's greatest artists, Tina was an inspiration to many. When Tina married her great love Erwin Bach in 2013 at the age of 73, she showed that you can be a beautiful bride even in old age. In her black wedding dress, she radiated exactly what kind of woman she was: strong, independent, a rock star. The coloured wedding dress had a green skirt and with black details. She asked all guests attending the wedding to come in white. Tina was definitely going for a distinctive wedding dress. And so her impressive, cool wedding dress was "the centre of attention".

Blog zwarte trouwjurk

Are you all set and want to impress in a black wedding dress on your wedding day? You can find the following black wedding dresses among others with us. If you want to see more black wedding dresses online, click here to go to our collection page.

Blog zwarte trouwjurk
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Blog zwarte trouwjurk
Blog zwarte trouwjurk

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