Getting married in 2020, how do you do that?(16 juli 2020)

The one thing that isn't cancelled is love (and your wedding) For a moment, we all thought that nobody would get married in 2020, but luckily this is possible again thanks to the relaxation of the measures. That your wedding may be something different than you thought is almost certain, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience your dream day. Maybe that's why it is extra special. A wedding day in the summer of 2020 is certainly one for the books. But what does such a wedding day look like in the summer of 2020? We give you a few examples.

A ceremonial wedding
Do you want to organize your wedding ceremony yourself? Then a ceremonial marriage is for you. This means that you arrange the formal part of your wedding on a different day, prior to your ceremonial wedding day. You then arrange all legal matters with the municipality. Once you've captured this, you then can marry with all your loved ones at a time, date, and / or location to your liking on a later day.

Advantages of this include that it saves you time on your wedding day, after all you don't have to go to the town hall first. It often also saves on costs. Getting married before the law on a Saturday is often more expensive than on a Monday or Tuesday. You have the complete free choice to get married on your dream location, on your dream date and time on another day. Maybe you want an evening wedding; because all official matters have already been arranged, this is all possible.

You can also reverse this. If you would like to get married on a certain date, but your guest list is too long, or if you are pregnant and want the same last name as your husband and child, you can choose to marry legally now. Later, when the regulations regarding gatherings and parties are relaxed, you can get married ceremoniously to celebrate with your loved ones and still organize a big party.

A minimalistic marriage seems boring to many at first, but if you are very honest it might be the most romantic way to get married. Not getting married for the party, but really for the love for each other and to share this with the people closest to you. A small wedding does not mean a boring wedding. You can still provide fantastic decoration, delicious food, the perfect dress and a dance party. You now even have time to really enjoy it instead of constantly talking to your guests.

Now that it has been July 1, more than 100 people may gather at a distance of 1.5 meters. You can choose to only get married in pairs (or include the witnesses). This is how you make it a very romantic day that is really about you and your love for each other
Get married ceremonially at your favourite spot in the park, eat your favourite cake in that cute little pastry shop and eat together in your favourite restaurant, or in the restaurant of your dreams.

You may want to get married small, but is the above way just a bit too minimalistic? Then of course you can choose to get married in the presence of family and your dearest friends. A small, select group of people that you find special enough to share your love with.

A minimalistic wedding has the advantage that it saves in costs, but also in time. You generally spend less time organizing and planning. Another additional advantage is that you and your partner can never have discussions about the guest list, unfortunately there is no space for the men of the football club!

Is a minimalistic wedding not an option for you and do you really want to get married in the summer of 2020? Then getting married abroad might be the perfect solution for you. "Getting married abroad is too expensive, I can't afford that" is a thought that comes to many people when you talk about getting married abroad. While many may dream of getting married in a sunny country or on a white beach, this misconception often doesn't make it happen.

Right now getting married abroad is a great solution, because many different rules apply abroad than in the Netherlands. Flights and hotels abroad are now even more affordable, which means that your dream of getting married abroad can become reality.

For example, getting married in Spain on the beach or a beautiful natural park is possible for as little as € 150 per person. For example, you can rent the location from € 2,450 for a party of less than 50 people. You can rent the ceremony setting and a tent from € 195.
Of course, a subsequent dinner is also possible. A 4-course dinner, including drinks, is cheaper than eating out in the Netherlands. For an open bar of 2 hours on the beach or in nature you pay about € 15 per person.

It is often the case that you cannot get married in front of the law. So you will have to do this in your own municipality beforehand. Then, wherever you want to go abroad, you can say "Yes" to the love of your life in front of all your loved ones.

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