Do It Yourself wedding

"The secret to a special day on a budget"

Many brides and grooms these days choose for a Do-it-yourself wedding, creating their own stationery, decorations, and sometimes even the cake. By doing some preparations yourself you can save a large amount money but also give your special day a personal touch. In the run up to the big day you will fill all your free time with wedding preparations, and that makes it the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and friends by getting creative together.

Pay close attention to which preparations you take on and which you leave to a professional. Your dress, location and photographer are all elements that are crucial for your wedding. So, unless you are a superwoman in designing and making your dresses, leave the dress to the professionals and get started with these DIY wedding ideas!

Invite some smart, creative friends to design your own wedding stationery. When you design your save-the-date card, invitations or the table layout on the computer or make everything handmade, you can make everything exactly the way you want it. The stationery will be exactly as you wish and is entirely personal to you as a couple.

If you are good at arranging flowers yourself, or if this is something you would like to learn! You choose to get your flowers yourself at a local flower market and arrange everything yourself? This way you can save a big budget and immediately give your special day a personal twist.

If you really want to do everything yourself, you could choose to grow your own flowers. It will be a fun process towards your special day. Please note that you will then be dependent on which flowers grow in the season that your special day will take place.

The easiest DIY wedding ideas are the decorations. Simply because there are so many options and step-by-step tutorials available. Whether you're sewing your own flags, collecting pots and candles, getting creative with lights, or adding a personal twist to your table piece, the possibilities are endless.

Film it yourself
If you have followed our advice to hire a good photographer who will capture all your special moments during the day, you may no longer have the budget to hire a videographer. Many newlyweds say they regret not filming their wedding. Don't let this become "if only I" for you. Get the help of some friends who take turns capturing the most special moments for you. Just imagine how wonderful it will feel to re-live the 'I do', the speeches, the first dance ...

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