Bridal palace


- The largest bridal fashion store in the world -

After an excellent opening in October 2018, Koonings The Wedding Palace can rightly call itself the largest bridal fashion store in the world: a one-stop-for-all shopping experience of 11,000 m2 with a gigantic collection. Wedding dresses, wedding suits, menswear, fashion for bridesmaids, festive children's clothing, prom- and cocktail dresses, shoes, accessories, and goodies. At Koonings The Wedding Palace, you can find the most exclusive trends in bridal fashion. The total experience is completed with a snack and a drink at  Restaurant Inekes, shopping in The Goodiestore, or enjoying yourself at Koonings Beauty Salon.


Modeca showroom bij Koonings
Ladybird showroom bij Koonings
Demetrios showroom bij Koonings
Paskamer bij Koonings
Ramona Koonings showroom bij Koonings
Koonings Enzoani Showroom
Koonings Avondmode Gala Dames
Koonings Nicole Showroom
Koonings Paskamer
Koonings Rembo Styling Showroom
Koonings Avondmode Gast Moeder
Koonings Ramona Koonings Showroom


Koonings Herenzaak
Koonings Herenzaak

Inekes Restaurant

Koonings Inekes
Koonings Inekes
Koonings Inekes
Koonings Inekes
Koonings Inekes proosten
Koonings Inekes

Koonings Beauty- & Hairsalon

Beauty Department
Koonings beauty hair salon
Koonings Beauty & Hair