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01 November 2018

Bridal lingerie for every bride

It’s what’s underneath that counts.

And secretly it really is. Look, the most important part of your wedding outfit is of course your wedding dress. That is ultimately what everyone sees and what everyone will remember you in.

What not everyone sees you in, but is at least as important, is beautiful and good bridal lingerie. This is not only what your partner will see you in during the wedding night, but you too should feel beautiful and confident in it. Besides, the lingerie will also determine how perfectly your dress comes into its own and will highlight your beautiful figure even more.

So all in all, your bridal lingerie does play an important role. In the all-new accessories department, we also have a nice section for bridal lingerie. Ask your stylist for the best lingerie to suit your beautiful body and dream dress.

Blog lingerie
Blog lingerie


The torselet is among the most chosen bridal lingerie and is the best foundation for any wedding dress. A torselet corrects your figure at the waist and abdomen and creates an elegant and straight posture.


Bodies also come in different shapes and, of course, sizes. Bodies come in different fabrics, so they will fit nicely under your wedding dress without being visible. If you still want to add a little more sexiness to your smooth body, we also have bodies with a lace trim. Most bodysuits have a low back, making them very suitable for dresses with a low-cut back.


If you have a dress with a see-through bodice, then it is best to opt for a bra. The bridal bra are generally always strapless, so they can also be perfect under a strapless dress, or a wedding dress with fine straps. Of course, the straps of the bra do get included, so they can be attached, should the need arise. Bras are also often worn in combination with shapewear, to create your most figure. Of course, you can still wear the bra under your normal clothes after your wedding. Secretly quite nice, because this way you get that wedding feeling back a little.


If you wear a torselet or bra during your wedding, you will naturally pair it with a nice pair of briefs or shapewear. All briefs are made of smooth, thin materials, which are not visible under, for example, your tight-fitting wedding dress. There are also panties in beautiful lace, for a romantic and feminine touch.


If you would like to wear bridal lingerie, but your wedding dress does not quite allow this due to, for example, a seep (back) cleavage, we also have self-adhesive bras, and bodies. Again, there are different shapes and sizes in these, but the most new design has adhesive strips just next to your bust, so they are not visible with your beautiful low-cut back.


Would you like to show off your feminine curves even more, or would you rather see your tummy corrected a little more, so that your dress is really all vavavavoom. Then our shapewear is your go-to bridal lingerie. OK, we admit, it's not very sexy, but wow. How gorgeous you will feel.

The shapewear accentuates your feminine line, right where you want it!

During your fitting appointment, mention that you are also looking for bridal lingerie. Our stylist will look for the perfect bridal lingerie to match your dress and especially your body, so you can be the best version of yourself on your wedding day.