A small but great wedding(01 mei 2020)

Due to the Corona measures, it is currently not allowed to have more than 30 guests at your wedding and your guests have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. Of course, this is not an immediate problem, but rather makes you think creatively about what your wedding will look like today. Here are some tips to turn your small wedding into a dream wedding.

Wedding venue
With a small group, you no longer have to take into account that your location can receive enough guests. This creates new unique and personal options where you can have your dream wedding take place. Think of an industrial shed, a colorful garden, in a romantic place in the forest or in a castle. Or make it personal and faithful in your parents' garden or in your own garden. Nice and close to home!

Nothing is more beautiful than being surrounded on your day with the people you really care about and who care about you. With only 30 guests, you can be sure that all the people who are present are special people from your life. Unfortunately, you may have to disappoint a few people, but these people certainly understand this. Because you have less guests, you have more attention for the guests who do attend. This gives you a more relaxed feeling, because you don't have to worry about giving everyone the same amount of attention. Are you a real party animal and your wedding can’t do without a big party? Then think about keeping your wedding and party separate. If you have a small wedding, you can keep your focus on it and throw a big party later where you can go crazy. This way you also avoid having to leave your own party early. Because don’t forget brides…  such a fully planned wedding day can be very exhausting!

Long live digital developments. Today it's super easy to livestream your wedding. This way, the people you unfortunately couldn't invite can still enjoy the ceremony. The nice thing about this is that your ceremony is filmed immediately, and everyone can watch it whenever they want!

Your guests should of course keep 1.5 meters apart. Unless they come from the same family or are a couple. Then they can just sit close to each other. This distance can of course be an obstacle during your wedding, but try to be creative. For example, incorporate the distance into your decoration and create chair decorations that keep the chairs 1.5 meters apart. If you get married in the evening, this is of course fun to do with romantic lights.

During the reception or party you can ensure that guests have enough space by creating sections. Of course not with barrier tape, but completely in style of your wedding. Think, for example, of carpets or wooden decks on the floor. This way everyone keeps the distance, but in a nice stylish way.

Shaking a hand or giving someone 3 kisses is not possible at the moment. How do you congratulate the bridal couple in this Corona time? Instead of making it an uncomfortable moment and a nice  moment in stead. Have all your guests grab a glass of bubbles,  and have the wedding official or your master of ceremonies announce that you want to toast and congratulate everyone at the same time. A hand kiss is also allowed!

Dream wedding
Organizing a wedding often starts with setting a budget. This includes all guests and food and drinks. If you decide to get married smaller, more budget will be released for other parts of the wedding. For example, for the same money you can realize the wedding of your dreams by purchasing a more expensive dress or styling your look with accessories. After all, it's your day!

Because your budget just got bigger, there is now room to upgrade certain aspects of your wedding. Treat yourself, your partner and your guests with an upgrade at the bar. In addition to the regular drinks, also serve cocktails. Or choose for an upgrade for the ‘thank you notes’
Now that you have fewer guests, you can make the ‘thank you notes’ more personal.
Don’t forget personal ‘thank you notes’ leave an incredible impression!

Did someone pop the question to you? Or are you super excited to organize your small wedding after reading all of our tips? Make your appointment now by choosing your wedding dress and start prepping for your dream wedding.

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