Unfortunately, a very large part of the Netherlands is forced to stay at home, including probably a number of future brides. We understand that this can cause some unrest. To ease the pain and get you in the mood for the next few days, we have some great tips for you to get on with your dream wedding planning in a positive way.

1. No Digital Detox

We remain active on Instagram and Facebook every day. Scroll back in our timeline, read comments and look at other brides. This is just waiting for you all. We also update our Pinterest account daily, so you will find new inspiration for your fairytale wedding every day. Pin your wedding plate nice and full with our images and get into the mood.

2. Pink Latta a la Ineke's

Bring beetroot juice into your home and make your own Pink Latte as you would drink it in our restaurant Ineke's. This way you get the right vibe.

How to make our famous Pink Latte:

1. Put a tablespoon of beetroot juice in a glass

2. Make a cup of coffee and add it

3. Add whipped milk

4. And of course: add some extra love.

5. Don't forget to tag us, we love seeing your creations!

3. Every day, selfcare day!

Plan extra me-time and make time for a mask, exfoliate your body and paint your nails in the color of your wedding! P.S: If you maintain this properly, it will make you look even brighter on the day of your wedding! WIN WIN!

4. Watch your favorite series on Dplay

More brides, more dresses, more Fred! For four seasons, Koonings has hosted the most popular program on TLC: Say Yes To The Dress Benelux. Fred, Ramona and the Koonings stylists will take you in the search for the perfect dress for the very different brides. View all seasons via dplay.nl

5. DIY: Create a mood board for your wedding

What better way to prepare than by creating a mood board? Super handy too, because you can immediately see whether everything you had in mind actually fits together so nicely. From the wedding dress to the bouquet or decoration: you can show everything here. Create a mood board via Pinterest, but it's even more fun to make this on paper! Cut and paste until you are completely satisfied and have the right atmosphere for your future wedding.

"All I ever wanted is to be locked down with you."

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